Monday, 17 August 2009

My sad world.........

Welcome to my sad world!!!!!!

Whilst I was in Filey I happened to notice my first 2009 coin in circulation on Saturday 15th August; a penny.

Bronze age archaeology in action

Ferriby boat replica puts to sea with Filey Brigg in the background where a late Roman signal station was located

I was at Filey this weekend on the east coast of Yorkshire. There were a series of events to raise money for the RNLI and Filey lifeboat and one of these events included putting to sea a half size replica of one of the Bronze Age "Ferriby Boats".

The Ferriby boat replica, cutting edge Bronze Age technology, with the Filey lifeboat behind, cutting edge modern technology

The Ferriby Boats are three sewn plank-built boats, parts of which were discovered at in the East Riding of the county of Yorkshire. Only a small number of boats of a similar period have been found in Britain and the Ferriby examples are the earliest known boats to be found in Europe. The crew said she was good in the water but a little heavy to manoeuvre.

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